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Week 8


Week 7


Week 6

What are wireframes? A wireframe is a purely informational, architectural schematic that shows major content placement, primary and secondary navigation, and perhaps light functionality. When do you not need to define key user paths? If your site does not require the user to actually do anything task oriented (for example, fill out a form, log … Continue reading

Week 5

Sitemap – A site map (or sitemap) is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for web design, or a web page that lists the pages on a web site, typically organized in hierarchical fashion … Continue reading

Week 4

What are the “three views” discussed in the book involving the content of the site. And what are the differences between the three views? Site-View (sitemapping) sets the overall structure and creates a “blueprint” on the site. sitemapping addressing existing site organization determining site structure setting naming conventions Page-View (wireframe) presents and organizes copy, navigation, … Continue reading

Week 3

When is an Additional Charge Form used? (oftentimes referred to as Change Order) An Additional Charge form is a handy way to document increases in scope. Even if you decide to not charge for a change, you can still issues an AC, mark the change as “gratis,” and have a record of the change. What are the … Continue reading

Week 2

Formal Industry Analysis Formal research and analysis can allow for an in-depth look into the client and the industry, coming with a higher budget and utilizing greater expertise Team: An independent research team with expertise and background in marketing, communications, research, and/or strategy. Approach: Formal analysis of industry, market segmentation, trends and forecasts, and customer … Continue reading

Week 1

How many phases are parts of the Core Process and what are they? There are five phases in the Core Process. Define the Project Develop Site Structure Design Visual Interface Build & Integrate Launch & Beyond What is “Scope Creep” and how can you prepare for it? Scope Creep is the slow, inevitable migration of … Continue reading